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Sunday, July 31, 2011

'Sweet Poison' and to making a better life

So I haven't done many posts where I actually talk about my feelings and opinions, but there's a topic that I've been researching a lot lately so I thought I'd start there. It's sugar - white, sweet, delicious, processed in everything, sugar.

It started when I was in Oregon and I was thinking to myself that I had to make some changes with my health and my body. I shouldn't wake up from a full night's sleep feeling groggy, and wanting a nap by noon complete with uncontrollable yawning.  At work I feel like I could fall asleep on command. I don't eat terrible, I actually pride myself on always bringing a lunch to work, and saying 'no' to the spread of Tim Horton's that plagues the office on a regular bases, but I know that I could be doing a LOT better. I'm a really 'picky' eater (I hate that term), and I feel like it's immature, but hard to change. I've also had self-image issues as far back as I can remember and have tried a few "diets" but have never been happy or comfortable in my own skin. And lastly, I often have thoughts of depression, and sometimes feel stressed and sad for no apparent reason. Everything just always feels a little gloomy. As I was researching sugar, I discovered that it could be sugar responsible for my body, depression, mood-swings and tiredness. Sugar! Something I ingest every single day.

The first thing I stumbled upon was Linda Wagner's blog. She's a nutrition coach with a blog full of healthy recipes, advice and inspiration all with a "you go girl!" attitude. She started me on making green smoothies:

You can read her post on them here.

Next, her blog lead me to a woman named Sarah Wilson's blog here. I read her series of posts called "I quit sugar" and couldn't believe how much it made sense. Finally, her posts lead to a book written by David Gillespie called "Sweet Poison"

And this is his website.

I know myself and I know that I would never make it on an "Atkins" or even Paleo diet because I love my carbs and I can't give them up. David doesn't require that we all give up carbs because we're mostly trying to avoid only one kind of sugar - Fructose. Fruit is very high in fructose, and so is honey, agave nectar and maple syrup. White sugar is made up of half fructose and half sucralose. Milk has lactose (which is fine), and carbs turn into glucose. The kind of carbs we want to be eating is high-fibre "slow moving" ones, so whole-grains and ones that are brown instead of white. In a nut shell I have to quit eating anything with white processed sugar, high-fructose fruits (and to limit myself to 1-2 low-fructose fruits, probably in a green smoothie), desserts, chocolate (don't worry, I'll be trying out many sugar-free chocolate recipes I've found lately and will report back), syrups, white carbs, sauces, cereals and granola bars. To make up for these losses, I get to eat more fat! Say hello to delicious cheeses, bacon, real butter and lots and lots of protein. I'm not going to start until I am fully prepared so that I can't slip up immediately and toss the whole idea. I have an order of Stevia on the way, which is a natural sweetener found in a plant from South America. It has it's controversy (like any sugar alternatives) but I'll be using it for my coffee and sugar-free chocolate exclusively.

Anyway, I'm trying to make a new beginning for myself, that will hopefully have long term positive effects on my health and how I feel. If your interested, I went to my local Value Village (they honestly have the best used book section) and picked myself up a book on overcoming sugar addiction, and it cost me $4.00 and so far has been an interesting read. I haven't yet been able to get my hands on a copy of David's "Sweet Poison" so in the meantime I'll read whatever else I can. I'm sure any used book store will have something similar.

Thanks for reading! I hope I have spiked some interest when it comes to your own diets, and if you think sugar could be the culprit. :) I'll share more information later on as I prepare to make the change.

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