Natural Handmade Soap

The Marula Tree Soap Co. makes natural handmade soap from glycerin bases with additives such as Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Honey and Marula Oil. Marula Oil is a unique oil pressed from the kernels of the Marula Trees in southern Africa. To learn more about the benefits of Marula Oil click here. All my products are vegan friendly except those with Goat's Milk and Honey. Thanks!

You can purchase my soaps from my etsy store here!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Although I have still not gotten over my addiction to, I have a new website obsession which is It's like a retail pinterest, where people post items from random websites, etsy, luulla, etc. and put them all in one place. It's brilliant because you find things you would probably never find on your own!

Here is a few recent favourites:

Macbook Keyboard Decal - Found here.

Scratchable Traveling Map - Found here. This is the coolest map ever! It scratches off like a scratch and win ticket.

Jewelry Tree! Found on etsy of course, here.

Heat Sensitive Iphone Case - Found here.

Of course I would love this tank! Found here.

Facebook stamps! Found here.

Seriously, this site is great. It has anything and everything you could possibly think of for someone who is super hard to buy for. Harry Potter fan? Science geek? Hunger Games fanatic? No problem! Also, check out what that last site lead me too: - Can you say bullet soap?


Monday, March 12, 2012


Wow, sometimes my customers just blow me away, they are so great! A lovely girl named Sarah from Ontario ordered some of my products a few weeks ago, and she wrote a review on her blog!
You can check it out here at Sugared Euphoria.

She ordered a Pink Sugar Collection gift set:

People have said a lot of nice things about my products, but never as in depth and detailed as Sarah's review. I was truly touched! Thanks so much Sarah, you rock!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I've just uploaded a few new goodies for Easter:

Blue Raspberry Goat's Milk Sheep

Green Apple Animal Soaps

Orange Sorbet Goat's Milk Sheep

Chocolate Mini Egg Soaps (!!!!!!)

Aren't they cute!?

Friday, March 2, 2012


I am participating in a Giveaway!

Frog & Penguin is hosting a giveaway on their Facebook Page and you could win a ton of stuff just for liking and commenting on pictures! Full contest rules can be found here. I've donated a prize pack worth $33.00 so get over there and find out how you can have it shipped to your door, for free!

Winners will be announced on Monday March 12th. (Also there's a lot of other vendors that donated too so you could win more than once!)