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The Marula Tree Soap Co. makes natural handmade soap from glycerin bases with additives such as Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Honey and Marula Oil. Marula Oil is a unique oil pressed from the kernels of the Marula Trees in southern Africa. To learn more about the benefits of Marula Oil click here. All my products are vegan friendly except those with Goat's Milk and Honey. Thanks!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Silhouette Yogurt

THIS makes me so excited! Silhouette came out with a Limited Edition pack of yogurt with 2 flavours - Vanilla Cinnamon and .... Vanilla Marula! One of the things that I struggle with is that a lot of people don't know the great benefits of Marula Oil (or they haven't heard of it at all!). I'm really happy to see Marula related things popping up more and more. If you've never tried the liquer Amarula (in the section with Bailey's and Kahlua at your liquor store) then I suggest you pick up a bottle and put some in your morning coffee - on a weekend of course! Seriously heaven.

And this yogurts pretty great too, I'm currently enjoying it, and it's only 35 calories!


  1. I'll have to look for it. Before being introduced to your blog, I certainly hadn't heard of Marula oil before...that reminds me, I still have some reading to do. Off too research Marula oil!

  2. Haha, that's what I like to hear Andrea! :)